Onam is the biggest festival of kerala, the south Indian state and falls in the first month of malayalee calender Chingam ( August-September).
It is the harvest festival in Kerala. The festival lasts for 10 days. There are many events associated with this festival. Intricate flower carpets(pookalam, Snake boat races, Banana leaf banquetlunch, Kaikottukali dance, Kaala(Ox) poott malsaram all has its own role in Onam celeberation. It is celeberated by all malayalees were ever they are in theworld. Men wear mundu(dhoti) and shirt while woman wear set mundu.
Keralites believe that during Onam time their king Mahabali comes to visit them and they wear new dresses to impress him.Everybody in the state was very happy when he ruled and it is believed that there was no theft when he ruled the state.


Beetroot Pachadi
Cabbage Upperi
Parippu Payasam
Beetroot Upperi