Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is special breakfast dish in malabar region made of rice flour and coconut.

White rice (pacheri) – 1½cup
Coconut – 1cup
Hot water – ½-1cup
Warm water - ½-1cup
Salt – as rqd

How to prepare
=►Soak white rice for 3-4hrs and grind it with warm water(as rqd) to make thick paste.
=►Pour this batter into a vessel and add hot water slowly stirring continuously.
until batter becomes like loose dosha batter.
=►Add coconut and salt to taste and mix it properly & keep it aside for 10-20min.
=►Preheat ottada tava (ottada chatti) and pour two and half ladleful of batter into it.
(I used big ladle what I use for dosha )
=►Cover it with a lid and cook it for 5-7min in medium flame.
=►Once it is cooked we can see small small holes (otta) will be appearing.
(No need to turn other side)
=►The cooked ottada can be takeout from the pan using ironspatula.
=►Serve hot ottada with chana masala or any other gravy.

Note: One and cup rice enough for making 5 or 7 ottada.
Batter consistency is very important .If we add lot of grated coconut it will
Increase the add to the taste. If you are making ottada for the first time using the ottada chatti then it may not come good.

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