Thursday, October 7, 2010

Malabar Chicken Biriyani

This is the most popular Indian non-veg rice dish. There are different methods to prepare this dish. The below recipe is very easy and popular one.


For Marination
Chicken – 1kg (Cut into med-large pieces)
Curd – ½ cup
Lemon juice – 1tsp
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
Chilly powder – 2 tsp
Coriander powder – 2tsp
Garam masala – 1tsp
Finely chopped cilantro
Lengthwise sliced onion – 2cups
Sliced tomato – ½ cup
Sliced green chilies – 1tsp
Ginger & garlic paste – 1tsp

For making rice
Basmati rice – 2 ½ cup
Turmeric powder – a pinch
Salt – ½ tsp
Cloves, Cardamom, Bay leaves, Cinnamon- a few
Fennel seeds – ¼ tsp
Water – 8 cup
Ghee – 2-3tsp

For garnishing
Cashew & raisins -3-4tsp
Sliced onion – 1cup
Chopped cilantro

For making gravy
Lengthwise sliced onion – 2cups
Ginger & garlic paste – 2tsp
Sliced tomato – 1no
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Chilly powder – 2tsp
Coriander powder – 2tsp
Garam masala – 1tsp
Biriyani masala powder – 2tsp
Oil – 4tsp
Ghee – 4tsp
Finely chopped cilantro
Mint leaves – a few

How to prepare
=►Mix together all above mentioned Marination ingredients.
=►Add chicken pieces into the above mixture and marinate well. Keep it aside for 1hour.

Making Rice
=►Soak basmati rice for 15-30min.
=►Heat 1tsp of ghee in a pan, add cashews, raisins, 1 cup of onion into it. Fry it and keep it aside.
=►In to the same pan add one more tsp of ghee and put cardamom, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves. Saute it well and slow down the flame.
=►Then add 8 cups of water, ½ tsp of salt and a pinch of turmeric into it.
=►Allow it to boil on medium flame and add 2 cup of basmati rice into it.
=►When it cooks 90% then switch off the flame and gently drain the water from the rice and keep it aside.


Making Gravy
=►Heat 4tsp of oil in a pan, add ginger & garlic paste into it and sauté it well until the raw smell of garlic goes.
=►Add 2cups of onion into it and fry it well until it becomes golden brown.
=►Add sliced tomato, Turmeric powder ( ½ tsp),Chilly powder (2tsp), Coriander powder (2tsp),Garam masala ( 1tsp) and Biriyani masala powder (2tsp) and mix it properly.
=►Add marinated chicken into it and mix well.
=►Allow the chicken to cook well on medium flame until all water is absorbed and chicken pieces are coated with gravy.
=►Gently increase the heat (high) and add 2tsp of ghee into it.
=►Put cooked rice, chopped cilantro, mint leaves and 2tsp of ghee on this chicken gravy and
and cover it with aluminium foil & lid.
=►Reduce the flame (sim) and allow it to cook for 1-2 min on sim flame.
=►Switch off the flame. After 1 hour remove the aluminium foil from the vessal.
=►Spicy biriyani is ready. Garnish with fried onion, cashew, raisins and chopped cilantro.


  1. Delicious and tempting chicken biryani

  2. That is really delicious and great recipe dear, shall try your method next time..