Saturday, August 21, 2010

Palada Pradaman (Rice flakes kheer)

It is a sweet dish made of rice flakes (ada),sugar and milk. Instead of sugar we can usejaggery(shakara). Pradaman has its own role in any sadhya.
Rice ada -1/2cup
Milk – 4cups
Sugar – as rqd
Ghee -1tsp
Cashews & Raisins – a few

How to Prepare
=►Soak rice ada (readymade ada) in hot water for 15min.
=►After that wash rice ada in water (It helps to make it smooth & smell free).
=►Heat a pan, add 4cups of milk into it and allow it to boil.
=►Keep stirring till it becomes light brown. It would become condense(thick) by now.
=►Add drained ada into it and keep on stirring until the ada becomes soft.
=►Add sugar to taste, stir it so that it mixes well and switch off the flame.
=►Add resins and cashew fried in ghee into it.

Note: You can get readymade ada from Indian stores. The whole process can take 1hr.Make sure that you are putting ada only after the milk has become thick after stirring (step 4). If you want to make it more thick add condensed milk (milkmaid).

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  1. Superb taste, nostalgic memories of my home here in my hostel tooo.