Friday, August 20, 2010


Sambar is a vegetable stew made with dal and vegetables in a spicy tamarind base. It is usually poured alongside rice, idly, vada. In Malabar region fried coconut is a main ingredient in Sambar.

Toor dal (sambar parippu) -3tsp
Ladies finger – 4nos
Drumstick -1medium size
Ash gourd (kumblanga) slices -1/2cup
Beans slices -1/4cup
Carrot -1no
Tomato – 1 small
Onion – 1 medium
Potato – 1 small
Green chilies - 4nos
Tamarind juice – 1/4cup
Hing (kayam) powder - 1/4tsp
Cilantro –A few
Salt – As rqd
Ladies finger, carrot, drumstick and beans cut to pieces lengthwise 1 1/2inch.
Ash gourd, tomato, oinion, potato cut to small slice.

For frying & Grinding
Grated coconut – 1/2cup
Urad dal (uzhunnu parippu) – 1/2tsp
Fenugreek seeds (uluva) – 1/2tsp
Coriander powder -1 1/2tsp
Red chilly powder -1tsp
Sambar powder – 1tsp

For Seasoning
Mustard seeds -1/2tsp
Dry red chilies – 2nos
Curry leaves –a few
Oil – 4tsp

How to prepare
=►Heat 1/2tsp of oil in a frying pan, add ladies finger and sauté it 2-3min on medium flame and keep it aside.

For grinding
=►Heat 1tsp of oil, add fenugreek and allow it to splutter.
=►Add Urad dal, red chilly, coriander, sambar powder & grated coconut in to it and fry it.
=►Sauté it till the coconut turns golden brown.
=►Once it gets brown color, remove it from the pan and let it cool for 10 min.
=►Grind the above mixture to thin paste and keep it aside.

=►Cook all other vegetables (except ladiesfinger & drumstick) along with toor dal,
green chilies, turmeric and salt. (Should not be overcooked)
=►Once it is cooked add fried ladiesfinger and drumstick into it and cook it for 2-4min.
=►Add tamarind juice into it and allow it to boil for 4-6min on medium flame.
=►Add grinded coconut paste after the tamarind juice boils and cook it for 2-3min.
=►Season it with mustard, dry red chilly and curry leaves.
=►Add finely chopped cilantro for garnishing.

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  1. wow ... First of I miss my Mom's Food ..

    Lisha, DEfntly i vl try Sambar this weekend ..
    anyway good works .. best wishes .. keep doing ..